Callan Saddlery Saddle Trial Agreement

Please read the following document carefully before signing.

This agreement may be ammended by Callan Saddlery as necessary. In cases where an ammendment is to be made the client will be notified before hand.

Terms and conditions of loan.

The saddle must be returned in the same condition it left Callan Saddlery. Any damage or excessive wear to the saddle will be charged to the client. Saddles are loaned without accessories. If girth and stirrup leathers are required this must be arranged seperately.

When the saddle is returned a cleaning charge of $30+ tax ( NS tax of 15%) will be applied.

The client is responsible for collection and return of the saddle at their expense.( In case of shipping the saddle by courier Callan Saddlery will arrange for the outward shipping at the client's expense and may specify how the saddle is to be returned.) Saddles must be insured for the full purchase price during shipping.

If the saddle is being collected / returned by hand then arrangements must be made with Callan Saddlery in advance.

The saddle must be returned to arrive back at Callan Saddlery on or before the agreed date (if not specified that date shall be 10 days after the client has received the saddle) . Failure to do so will result in the client being charged the full purchase price of the saddle and the saddle will then become the property of the client.

The saddle will only be used for the horse and rider specified on the agreement. It shall not be otherwise loaned or hired to any other party. The client agrees to take full responsibility for the saddle until it is returned to Callan Saddlery.

Saddles are not to be left at barns or in unlocked tackrooms. They are not to be left sitting on the floor or stable doors. A cover (provided) should be kept on the saddle when not in use. The saddle should not be cleaned with anything other than a damp cloth and an agreed leather cleaner and should NOT be oiled.

The client agrees to send a cheque, which will be cashed, for the full purchase price or give credit card details of a valid credit card with enough credit to cover the purchase price of the saddle. This will be charged on pickup and on the return of the saddle the appropriate amount will be refunded to the client.

Agreement between client and Callan Saddlery

I agree to the terms set out above and accept all liability for the saddle and its' use from the time it is collected to the time it is returned. I accept that Callan Saddlery takes no liability for any damage that may occur to horse, rider or any third party due to the use of this saddle.

Credit Card Details
Type Expiry Date Start Date
Security number
Amount charged to card CDN $
Saddle Specification
Size 16 17 18 Color New / Used
Value CDN $
Date of collection / arrival
Return Date
Client Details
Horse name, description and location
Rider name
Signature of client Date
Callan Saddlery, 1168 Ward Road, Aylesford, NS, B0P 1C0 Tel 902 760 3544