Sponsored Rider

Sponsored Rider Welcome to the sponsored rider page of Callan Saddlery. My name is Michaela Eisengruber and I am Rachael Argo's apprentice and the Callan Saddlery sponsored rider. I compete in Dressage at national level shows with my twelve-year-old American Paint Horse gelding Sir Rock. "Rock" used to be a breeding stallion in his early career and was started as a western pleasure horse before I purchased him in 2004. Under the instruction of my coach and mom, Brigitte Eisengruber, Rock and I have been successfully competing in first and second level in the last two years and will be trying our hand at third level in this year's competition season. In her youth Brigitte was a nationally known competitor in Germany, with successes at numerous provincial and regional championships as well as German National Youth Championships. Brigitte's as well as my own philosophy for riding comes from the traditional German school, which says "no" to the use of Rollkur, draw reins or other gadgets/ quick fixes and encourages a harmonious cooperation between horse and rider with solid basics to build on. Although, I compete, my relationship with my horse is my very first priority. Rock is an amazing horse with a beautiful soul, a heart of gold, a tremendous work ethic and most of all a great friend. He always gives his best, no matter if in the show ring, at home or out for a hack.

I am very proud to be sponsored by Callan Saddlery. As a competitor, it is brilliant to be supported by sponsorship. Rock and I absolutely love our WOW Saddle, WOW girth and Neue Schule bit.

It is a great honor for me to be apprenticed to Rachael. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to be taught by such a skilled and knowledgeable Master and horsewoman. Not only is Rachael an expert in her field, but also her great expertise in equine welfare makes her an amazing teacher to learn from. I am also extremely proud to be given the incredible privilege to be officially recognized as an Apprentice by the Society of Master Saddlers. Saddlery and horses are a true passion of mine and I am looking forward to my future in both!

I will try to periodically post updates of show results for Rock and I, so keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck!