Bits and Bitting

Bitting is a subject that can be very confusing. There are an enormous amount of different bits on the market and finding the right bit can be time consuming and costly. Having said that, having the right bit for you and your horse can make all the difference in achieving your training goals.

We stock Neue Schule bits from the UK. This is a range of bits designed by riders to help with whatever bitting problems you come across. It is backed up by a free advice line where you can talk to bitting expert Heather Hyde.

For more information and the full range of bits available please click on links and go to

To find out more about the action and use of individual bits please go the Neue Schule website and click on Enlightened Bitting.This is an excellent guide to the various aspects of bitting and the bits themselves.

We are planning to get Heather Hyde over from the UK for a bitting clinic here in Nova Scotia. If you are interested in participating please email for details/

These are a selection of our bits. If you would like to order something please contact us for price and shipping details. If we don't have the bit you want in stock we will order it in for you. Prices start at CDN $95 + tax .

Bit Bank - Would you like to try before you buy?

We are also considering setting up a bit bank so riders can try bits before they buy one. If there is enough interest in this idea we will go ahead with plans for it. Before we do this we are looking for feedback from owners and riders to see if it is a viable venture. If you would like to have a facility like this and think you would use it please let us know.

We would be able to ship bits across Canada and the States.